Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Virtual Reality in the Office – No More Death by PowerPoint!

How many hours have we spent fighting boredom and sleepiness during one of those tedious PowerPoint presentations? Sadly, it doesn't matter if the subject is related to training or demonstrating the latest features of a product - the result of such non-engaging presentations is a lack of information retention and overall attention. 

Fortunately, from the mining to the automotive sectors, there are dozens of innovative companies that are applying virtual reality applications within their training, prototype designing and even production processes! The most amazing accept of this trend is that it doesn't only make such processes more interesting to employees, but it's ultimately also cheaper and faster for the companies themselves! Taking this into account, the principal challenge in the years ahead will be to continue demonstrating how VR can be applied as a cost rationalization tool. 

Let's check out some of the pioneering companies implementing these VR technologies. As former employees, we are eager to be a part of a more engaging work environment. Hopefully these examples motivate other companies to discover the incredible opportunities that virtual reality has to offer!
                                                                      Coal Services

CS Mines Rescue is an Australian company that uses virtual reality technology to train miners and rescue teams. The VR-based training facility can fit 30 people and, using multiple projectors, create a 360° 3D image that offers a real-life view of being inside a mine. In this training, employees learn mining methods while safety crews run drills for hazardous situations.



In the immersion lab of Ford Motor Company, new car prototypes are evaluated by thousands of design and quality criteria - through virtual reality.  The innovative system enables engineers to interact with automobiles from the literal perspective of a future potential customer. Furthermore, the technology allows designers from around the world to assess and rate the vehicle simultaneously in real time. 

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