Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Capital Injection in VR development – Where Will it Take Us?

Recently we've seen more and more  announcements from  technology companies such as Samsung and Facebook and large media corporations like Walt Disney investing in VR hardware development. Just in September, Disney dropped $65 million into Jaunt Inc, a VR developer. In October Google's Alphabet and the New York Times initiated a joint venture to distribute free cardboard VR headset with newspaper's print edition to promote NYT's VR application. And now, Time Warner Inc. and ComcastCorp. are investing $30 million into NextVR Inc.

It's fair to assume that all these efforts are focused on offsetting current trends in market share loss as more readers and viewers shift to consuming content on nontraditional communication channels. Or perhaps, these companies are making an even bigger bet, investing in VR as the future of communication. What if these companies aren't just developing new immersive programs, but are creating new types of internet just for VR? We could be closer to Futurama than we might think - how far away are we from a future where we can not only read about a historical event, but experience it? Where we can meet someone, go shopping or watch a movie together without being physically present? We truly hope that we are not the only people thinking of this amazing future.

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