Thursday, November 12, 2015

When Fashion Meets Virtual Reality

When thinking about virtual reality, fashion is not something that instantaneously pops to mind. Nonetheless, VR is being used in this industry in a multitude of ways.
Many designers and fashions houses such as Rebecca MinkoffBurberry and TommyHilfiger have made it possible for fashionistas and buyers alike to have a full 360⁰ view of the exclusive runway shows iconic to these labels.  

VR headsets can provide the experience of attending the Grand Palais fashion show in Paris or the Park Avenue runway shows in New York City - without actually being there. Some argue that such a perspective is actually superior since it can be viewed from the perspective of photographers, guests and models - it even opens up the behind-the-scenes activity backstage!

From a business perspective such applications are genius because they enable customers to virtually shop right in brands' stores immediately after each designers' show! This creates a strong, intimate relationship between brands and shoppers.
The interaction between fashion and technology is not only limited to VR headsets. Rebecca Minkoff introduced bracelets that charge phones and interactive mirrors in the dressing rooms of their stores. These mirrors recognize the items entered into the dressing room and provide recommendations for matching outfits. They also allow shoppers to interact with store personnel. How often have you tried on a shirt in the wrong size and have had to call the store attendant half naked? Well, with this innovative mirror you can order the size, style, color and even accompanying beverage of your choice, all of which will be delivered to your cabin!

Rebecca Minkoff has leveraged technology to differentiate itself from the more conservative fashion houses, successfully creating a fashion experience in the image of her customers. What do you think about this application? Have you seen other such experiences while shopping? Leave a note in the comments below!

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