Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Google Maps in Virtual Reality

Google Maps is possibly the most well-known internet application after the company's renowned search engine. The service broke conventional boundaries when it first showed us what an aerial view of our neighborhoods looked like. A couple of years later, it changed the way we see the world with the addition of "Street View." Now, with the launch of Street View in Google's Cardboard VR device, the company has taken another step forward in the development of the perfect mapping application. 

The enhanced Street View was recently launched on the Google mobile app. The software is available for both Android and IOS operating systems. 

In order to enjoy this awesome new development, you will need to own a pair of virtual reality goggles. You can choose between the two models that currently exist on the market - Google Cardboard and  and Samsung Gear VR. Cardboard is the cheaper, more accesible option while the Gear VR provides a more comfortable, premium experience. 

Consider buying a new VR headset before taking your next trip - it could give you a better idea of what the experience will look like!

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