Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Skype and WhatsApp in VR?

The potential applications of VR technology are endless. Companies in every field are starting to look for ways to leverage this new trend, even though mass production of most devices hasn’t launched yet.

Communication companies such as Skype should definitely pay attention to VR in the next 5 years. The revolution of video-calls will fade away if people can see each other’s 3D images. It is a good chance for applications that have lost their popularity to regain customers and to boost app usage for the current market leaders. That could be done in 2 ways.
1. Creating a virtual environment where 2 or more people can log in and interact with each other, just like in online computer games. To distinguish VR conversation from a game, companies can offer 3D scanners that will make a virtual copy of each speaker and apply the image to avatars. Complemented by a microphone and cameras, the device will be able to project the speaker’s voice and even gesture to the avatar and, thus, make the interaction maximally natural.

2. Another option is to project the avatars as holograms onto speakers’ surrounding environments. The required devices would be the same, but in this way the lack of mobility of the avatar could be a constraint, though it didn’t seem as such in Star Wars and other futuristic movies. Let us wait a couple more years and hope that someone will read this post, gain some inspiration and complete the idea!

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